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5 Low-Effort Ways to Promote Your Business

by | Feb 14, 2022

There are millions of small businesses in the United States. Unfortunately, many new businesses fail within the first few years because of the stiff competition and learning curve that comes with being a new business owner.

If you recently opened a business or are interested in starting one soon, continue reading to learn five key, low-effort ways to promote your business and attract new customers.


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1. Leverage Social Media

Creating social media accounts for your business is simple, and there are countless ways to leverage social media to grow your business.

Social media should teach people about your business and what you have to offer them. You can create ads through Facebook or Instagram for a small amount of money and reach your target audience this way. You can also look into hosting giveaways to get your content in front of more eyes and grow your follower count.

Social media is extremely powerful and making use of it to showcase your business, display contact information, and provide an authentic way for people to connect with you is invaluable.

Custom Website to promote your business

2. Build a Custom Website

Another great way to promote your business is to build a custom website. Having a website is crucial as time goes on and people transition primarily to online shopping and research before making buying decisions. It’s also vital step in establishing your brand identity and authority.

For example, our team created the custom website above for TKS Security – a leading innovator in the security industry. It now suits their brand identity, establishes them as an authority in their industry, and promotes an exceptional, engaging user experience.

If you don’t have the necessary skills to create a professional custom website, it’s crucial that you hire a web designer & developer to take care of this for you. Your website will often be how potential customers form their first impression, where your sales take place, and where people learn more information about you.

Linking your social media to your site is a nice way to tie everything together.


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3. Encourage Reviews

One of the best ways for people to learn information about your business is through reviews. Many people look through reviews before purchasing from a new company, so if you have favorable reviews on display, this is a virtually effortless way to promote your business.

The only work you need to do is to establish a visible place for reviews to be left. If you don’t want reviews directly on your website, consider claiming your business through Google so people can leave reviews there.

How do you get reviews? Having great customer service and superior products is a big part of it, but encouraging people to leave them helps, too. Consider offering an incentive such as a percentage off their next order if they leave a review.


4. Have Promotional Products

Promotional products are designed to promote your business in a simple way. If you have employees, try creating and handing out promotional products for them to use. For example, a new-employee care package could include a branded mug, shirt, pens, and business cards.

Anytime they use these products, they’re like a walking advertisement.

To take this one step further, consider offering these types of products to customers or making them part of a giveaway.

Custom Built Blog

5. Create a Blog

Another big part of promoting your business is setting yourself up as a reliable expert in your field. If people believe that you know what you’re doing and they can trust your business and the people who run it, they’re more likely to make a purchase.

Creating a blog and adding it as a separate section of your website provides the perfect way to accomplish this.

For example, you can check out the custom blog page pictured above we built for our friends at Freedom Green Farms – a world-class cannabis cultivation company based in Northern Michigan.

You can post about things relating to your products or services, answer frequently asked questions, introduce employees, or share anything else you think is worth reading.


Simplicity Is Key When It Comes to Business Promotion

Whether you’re only thinking about starting a business or already have one, understanding how to promote your business is crucial. Start implementing these tips today and see how much they help your business grow!

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