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5 Tips for Using Emoji Marketing in Your Marketing Campaigns 🤩

by | Aug 2, 2020

Did you know that there are over three thousand emojis out there? That many emojis means there is basically an emoji for everything. Emojis are a universal language that can be used in texting, emails, and even marketing campaigns.

Have you been using emojis when creating your brand’s content? Are you are interested in starting or expanding your emoji use? Keep reading our guide to learn how to use emoji marketing in your next campaign.

1. Emojis in Email Marketing

Emoji marketing can make traditional communications more interesting. If you want to step into emoji marketing, think about trying it out in an email. Using emojis in email subject lines is common and low risk.

When using emojis in email marketing consider running a test with multiple subject lines. Try one with an emoji and one without. This test will give you helpful data to learn how your audience reacts to emoji use.

2. Use Emojis on Social Media

An organic place to use emojis is on social media. Depending on your brand’s voice, adding an emoji or two to a social media post is very common. Considering that 92 percent of internet users use emojis, people on social media platforms will know how to react to them.

Social media is a great place to start out using emojis. Make sure that the emojis match your messaging and the overall tone of the platform.

3. Emojis and Branding

Have you considered how emojis play into your branding? Emojis can be a part of a brand. Using an emoji can easily change how your audience perceives a brand’s voice.

If you are a fun and playful company, add emojis into your usual tone. This will make you seem approachable and dynamic online.

4. Create Unique Emojis

If you want to add a layer of creativity try to make your own custom emojis. Custom emojis can make your brand stand out. You can work with a graphic designer to make your own fun emojis to add extra personality to your brand.

Custom emojis are a great way to express your brand. They might even become viral!

5. Only Use Emojis in Marketing When Appropriate

Before you implement any emoji marketing you need to consider if emojis are appropriate for your brand, your target audience, and the platforms you communicate on. Using an emoji in the wrong space could make your brand seem insensitive or out of touch. This can easily be avoided by making careful decisions and working with a professional.

Start Using Emoji Marketing Today

Now that you’ve learned these five tips it’s time for you to start emoji marketing. Emoji marketing can be a great benefit to your communications efforts if done correctly. We suggest testing out emoji marketing to see how your target audience responds.

If you still have questions about the best practices of emoji marketing, consider working with a professional marketing agency that knows the ins and outs of marketing with emojis. Contact us to talk about your project and get started. 🥂

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