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Unexpected Places to Find Google Ads Inspiration

by | Jan 16, 2020

Writing copy for Google Ads can be intimidating if you don’t have a lot of practice with it.

The writing has to entice potential buyers to click on your ad instead of another, but it also has to ward away any irrelevant clicks. There’s so many variables to keep in mind, and it’s easy to run out of ideas when your ads just aren’t working like you thought they would.

I’ve been there (regularly), so I’ve come up with a few FREE places to look around for Google Ads inspiration that aren’t typically thought of. Whether you need help with keywords, ad copy, or extensions, these 5 places are good places to browse for help.

1) Google Auto-fill

If you search for your product or service on Google, you’ll see Google automatically fill-in suggestions that Google deems relevant to the search. Let’s say you sell spice mixes. Google has plenty of suggestions for things that are commonly searched for with spice mixes as shown below. These suggestions can be taken and either used for keywords if they align with what you’re selling, or they can be used as headlines or descriptive copy in ads.

google search results for 'spice mixes'

2) Related Searches

Another place to find Google Ads inspiration that’s similar to Google autofill, can be found at the bottom of a results page. This area shows searches related to your original search. I’ve used the related searches for all things ads, but I’ve also used them for blog post ideas and tips that get posted on social media channels.

related to spice mixes google results

3) Reviews

Reviews probably aren’t the first place you think of when considering what sort of new keywords or copy to write for your ads, but in reality reviews are full of useful information. If your products or services have reviews, look to see what customers consistently highlight as a good reason to choose your product over the competition. Maybe you have fast shipping or you gave great customer service – use that to your advantage when it comes to writing ad headlines or callout extensions.

I also recommend looking at the reviews people are leaving your competitors. Do people complain about bad service? Products took too long to ship? It was too expensive for what they received? Use the complaints to your advantage! “Ships in 48 Hours” and “Quality Customer Service” are things people see in ads and are typically drawn to. Of course, you actually have to offer what you’re writing about, otherwise you’ll be the one getting complaints.

4) Competitor Ads

I used this one recently for a client because I didn’t have a ton of prior knowledge about the specifics of their industry. To better understand what people usually search for in terms of the service they offer, I did an incognito search on Google Chrome of a keyword phrase that the client gave me. Since we didn’t have any ads running yet, I only saw what competitors were posting. And it gave me tons of ideas! This can be for anything from headlines, extensions, even the words used in the description of the ads. You can also decide you hate the way their ads are written and you want to go in a completely different direction, I’ve done that too. It’s an easy way to see what’s being fulfilled in the market you’re competing in.

file searching with magnifying glass

5) Amazon Product Listing

If you’re not already selling on Amazon, looking for products similar to yours can be helpful. While sellers technically aren’t supposed to, Amazon listings are often stuffed full of keywords in order to entice people into buying their products. While I don’t recommend keyword stuffing, the product listings can provide ideas for copy or keywords. They also usually have a ton of reviews, so you can look through those as well to pick out problem areas that you excel in.

rating stars

Looking for Google Ads inspiration in tools you probably use everyday is an easy and free way to help you decide on which direction to go in. Whether it’s ad copy, extensions, or the occasional keywords, you’ll be sure to find a few good ideas.

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