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How To: Email Marketing for Your Cannabis Business

by | Sep 28, 2022

For years now, the United States has become more and more lenient towards the use and distribution of cannabis. A number of states have outright legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and many others allow for its medical usage.

It’s no surprise that many people are now looking to get into the legal cannabis industry, yet some are still unaware on how to market a marijuana company that sits on the fringes of legality with regards to federal law. Here are a few tips on email marketing for your cannabis business.


How to email market for a cannabis company


Work to Build a Subscriber List

The first, and perhaps most important step to effective email marketing is to build an audience that will actually see your emails. To do this, work on building a subscriber list that will receive your emails automatically. This is generally done through a company’s website, and is quick and easy to set up.

A subscriber list will do many things. First, it will allow your customer base to receive news on offers and updates to your company without having to check themselves. If you decide to launch a new deal on some of your products, all of your subscribers will automatically be made aware.

Secondly, a subscriber list will help you better understand who your exact target audience is. This is massively important when building a business, as it helps you to mold your products and further marketing efforts specifically to that demographic. A subscriber list is a quick, and often overlooked method to help build a rapport with your customer base.


Building an email marketing campaign


Be Consistent, Not Overbearing

Another crucial part of email marketing for your cannabis business is to be consistent with your emails. All too often, new businesses will start out sending many emails, and then begin tapering off with their email marketing tactics when immediate results are not apparent. This is a huge mistake.

More often than not, it will take months before you’re able to see significant results from your email marketing. Building a list of subscribers and customers interested in your company’s updates is a slow and arduous process. It’s very important to continuously send both new and existing customers emails, yet it’s just as important not to be too persistent to the point of becoming an annoyance.

Surprisingly, this is another common issue that company’s face with email marketing. Sending too many emails will sometimes make your customers unsubscribe from your list. The key here is to provide useful information consistently, without it feeling like spam.


Update Customers on Cannabis Laws

The legality of marijuana differs from state to state, and it’s extremely important to keep your customers updated on the current laws and regulations. Assuming this business is somewhere that either recreational, medical, or both are legalized, you will want to give your potential customers all the information necessary to make them feel comfortable. Oftentimes, these laws are not simply black and white.

In California, for example, the recreational use of marijuana is now legal. Many cities in this state have decided against allowing recreational marijuana products to be sold, and recreational users will need to travel to a different town in order to receive the products they are looking for.

Keeping your customers updated will not only provide useful information that’s relevant to your business, it will also draw in those who simply want to stay aware of the cannabis laws in their state. This is something that only needs to be done when new laws regarding marijuana are put into place, and will be extremely effective in keeping your customers happy and comfortable.


Cannabis email marketing


Give Your Emails a Personal Touch

One of the best tips with regards to email marketing for your cannabis business is to always give your emails a personal, friendly tone. Robotic emails that simply state your company’s updates will not be nearly as effective in keeping your reader’s interest as one that feels like it’s coming from a real person.

Fortunately, there are many tools available today that can help to make this easier. One of the best and simplest ways to do this is entering the recipient’s name into your emails. When your customers see their name in their inbox, it’s much more likely that they will open up the email and give it a look.

A cannabis business may still be considered taboo by many in the United States. By personalizing emails, you’re helping to make your customers feel relaxed. It’s a simple and extremely effective way to keep your customers interested and happy.


Include Many Links

There’s no doubt that links are one of the best ways to draw in both new and existing customers to your website. The goal of email marketing is always to bring in customers to your website, and without links that can be a difficult task. Add in a link or two in each email that will bring customers to a specific page you want to promote.

It’s important to let your customers know exactly where the links you provide will bring them. If your email is centered around a specific point such as a new deal or product, add in a link to that page and tell your customers where the link will bring them.

Adding links is a very important part of email marketing and will be very important to bring in traffic to your site. Let your customers know what the links will provide and add at least one to each email you send.


email marketing


Include Clear Subject Lines

Many companies that utilize email marketing fail to realize the importance of adding clear and precise subject lines to each email they send. The subject line is the first thing that your subscribers will see, and without a catchy, interesting subject, it’s unlikely to draw much attention.

In short, the subject line should give a quick summary of what the email will contain. If you’re launching a new deal for customers, include that a new deal is available in your subject line.

It’s also very important to not give too much information in the subject line. If this short text explains exactly what your email is about, many customers will not even bother to open it. Including a brief and catchy subject line will be extremely beneficial to drawing in eyes to each email that you send out.


Encourage Your Subscribers to Be Responsive

One of the most beneficial aspects of email marketing is the potential to receive useful information directly from your customers. Although the email your company sends out may go to many different people, each recipient has the potential to send you an email directly back with their questions or concerns. Encouraging responses is one of the best ways to learn how to improve your company overall.

This encouragement should be included in each email. Write near the bottom of the email that customers are welcome to voice their questions.

The number of responses you receive will also give you a clear idea of how many of your subscribers are actually reading and interacting with your emails. It’s a great way to gauge how your business is growing, and will be extremely beneficial in understanding what you need to improve on as a company.


cannabis business


Test Your Emails For Quality Assurance

Unless you’ve tested your emails across numerous platforms, you will not really know that they are working. It’s another often overlooked aspect of email marketing, yet may be the most important. There are many fantastic tools available right now that can test your emails across nearly every platform.

Testing your emails is also massively important to ensure all your links and banners are working correctly. Nothing will turn a customer away quicker than a link that doesn’t work, and testing across different platforms is the best way to avoid this issue.

Email testing also means experimenting with different font styles and subject lines. You can study the analytics of different email styles to find which ones bring in the most eyes. Never underestimate the importance of testing each email!


In Conclusion

There are many effective tips on email marketing for your cannabis business. In reality, it should not be much different from email marketing for any other kind of business. There are many simple steps to ensure each email you send to your customers will have the best impact.

Work on building a subscriber list to ensure your emails are actually reaching potential customers. Be consistent with your emails, but not overbearing to where it becomes spam. Keep all your readers updated on the laws and regulations regarding cannabis, as these laws dictate how your company will function. Avoid being robotic and give each email a personal touch. Add in many links that will direct the readers to certain pages you want to promote. Utilize effective subject lines that peak the reader’s interest without giving too much away. Encourage responses from your customers, and always test your emails to ensure they are accessible across many different platforms.

Email marketing remains one of the most simple, cheap, and effective forms of marketing available today. Utilize each of these tips and enjoy watching your business grow with each new email you send!

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