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Website Launch: Joyfull

by | Jun 18, 2021

We are excited to announce the launch of Joyfull’s new website! Located downtown in the coastal town of Glen Arbor, Michigan Joyfull is an incredible, family-owned art gallery dedicated to making the world a brighter place and spreading a joyful message through the arts. In addition to stunning paintings and photographic works Joyfull also carries a line of cards and art posters with words meant to encourage and uplift, the “Poet’s Corner” collection of cards and art posters featuring beautiful poetry, and some uplifting custom T-shirts as well!

Check out all Joyfull has to offer here.

When Joyfull needed a new site to truly showcase their works we were overjoyed to help and included many amazing new features on their site:

  • Aesthetic, clean design that suits their brand and engages users
  • Streamlined e-commerce solution that allows users to make their purchases directly from the site
  • A registration and management program that allows users to create a Joyfull account
  • Unique software that allows users to get directions from their location to the art gallery with just a click of a button

We also spent time consulting with and training the Joyfull team to ensure that they had all the knowledge necessary to operate a successful online store. They really were a joy to work with!!

Congrats Joyfull on your new website – we are excited to see where it takes you as you continue to empower and uplift others through your art and writing! And thank you for choosing Freshwater! Do you want your own custom designed and developed website? Contact us today to get started.

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