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5 Simple Landing Page Tips That Will Boost Your Conversions

by | Feb 28, 2022

In today’s highly competitive online landscape, your website likely will only get one chance to make a good first impression, and how you handle that initial encounter can mean all of the difference between success and failure. This is where landing pages come into play.

A landing page is your company’s digital welcome mat — it’s where people land after clicking through from an ad or link and where they decide whether to stick around or bounce right back out.

Basically, the purpose of your landing page should be to convert the visitor into a customer. However, if you have visitors who come to your site but don’t end up buying anything, it can feel like your hard work is going down the drain. That doesn’t necessarily have to be true. Sometimes, it can signal that your landing page needs additional tweaking in order to do its job effectively.

If you’re looking to take your conversion rates to the next level, here are five simple landing page hacks that will help get you there:


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Simplify Your Forms

This one is so simple that it’s easy to overlook yet it’s a great way to boost your conversion rate.

Let’s face it: the vast majority of people have absolutely no interest in filling out a bunch of forms on your site. Your customers want to get in, see what you have to offer, buy it, and move on with their lives — and they want to do it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

But if your form is too long or difficult for someone to fill out in its entirety, chances are they won’t even bother completing it. Not only does that mean fewer signups for you, but it also means less valuable insights and less data on which to base your marketing efforts.

Fortunately, you can avoid this by keeping your forms simple — ask for the information you need without requiring unnecessary details or extra work on behalf of your potential buyers. The shorter you can make it, the more likely your visitors will take that first crucial step needed to become customers.



Use the Power of Video

When visitors land on your page, they’re trying to get a feel for what you offer. However, if they see nothing but a bunch of plain text with little or no imagery that appeals to their senses, their first impression will be less than stellar, and they’ll likely hit that back button in no time. After all, they want more than just words; they want visual proof that your product is as good as you say it is.

Nowadays, video is rapidly becoming one of the most popular marketing tools around. In fact, more than two-thirds of marketers are now using video in some capacity, and it’s not hard to see why: The effectiveness of video seems nearly limitless.


It can capture and hold your clients’ attention like nothing else, boost sales, encourage social sharing, and make your brand more memorable.

Video is the perfect medium to engage your target audience and help them interact with your brand in a more personal way, so it makes sense that you would want to include this powerful strategy on your landing pages.


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Build Trust Through Social Proof

All great sales pages should have clear, customer-focused text and visuals. However, they’re even more effective when paired with quotes from satisfied clients or testimonials from happy customers. There’s something about other people endorsing your product that puts potential buyers at ease. After all, you wouldn’t buy something you didn’t trust, right?

Put those glowing reviews to good use on your landing page by including some short quotes from satisfied buyers. It will make it easier for visitors to imagine themselves purchasing what you offer — and boosting your conversion rate in the process.


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Add Urgency to Your Offer

Urgency is one of those things that appeal to people’s inner caveman.

In our modern world, we don’t really have much to worry about when it comes to imminent danger — like a saber-tooth tiger jumping out of the jungle and attacking us — but scarcity taps into some primal urge to seize an opportunity while it exists.

Think about it: how many times have you impulsively bought something because you just couldn’t wait? Not being able to act on this feeling is like being stuck in that intense moment of decision — and that’s not a good feeling at all. So if you want your copy to convert better on your landing page, toss in a bit of urgency with a time limit or exclusive access.

Even though you may not be selling a literal life or death product or service, making your offers seem scarce can trigger a strong reaction from customers.

Keep in mind that you should use this hack sparingly — otherwise, it can backfire on you. But if you find the right place to include it, this technique can boost your landing page conversion rate dramatically.


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Tell People What They’ll Gain From Your Products

A landing page should be more than a way for potential clients to buy your product. It should tell them how it’ll help them solve a problem, perform better, or add more value to their lives. After all, you want these people to be your customers for life, not just for the first transaction.

If you can give them clear information about the value of what you’re selling, it will put your visitors in a more trusting mindset and make it easier for them to buy from you.


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The Bottom Line 

No doubt, there are a lot of factors to take into account when you’re trying to make your landing pages more effective and it can be hard to keep track of everything – especially when you’re just starting out.

But the path to conversion rate boosting success is straightforward: start with a solid foundation and then tweak it by experimenting with different elements. It may seem like a lot of work at first, but once you find what works for your business, you can focus on expanding that winning formula.


Is your landing page in need of an upgrade? Do you want to see a boost in your conversions? Contact our team of experts today!

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