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5 Tips for Impressing Your Customers

by | Jul 7, 2021

Impressing your customers is one of the most important things that you can do as a business.

As a business owner, you probably understand that each happy customer you create can become a cheerleader for your business. This creates word-of-mouth advertising, and it’s why you should always be looking for ways to delight and impress your customers.

No matter what kind of business or brand you’re running, using the best methods for keeping your customers satisfied and feeling good about your company is imperative.

The tips below can help you increase customer retention, loyalty, and help you gain plenty of new customers as well.

Here are five of tips you can implement today to start impressing your customers.

1. Respond Immediately


One of the most vital ways to impress your customers is to instantly respond to any issues they might have. If customers have to wait to get an answer to an important question then they might just use another business. Even worse, if you fail to deal with a customer complaint, there’s a chance that you’ll lose them for good.

There are a few things you can do to ensure that you can handle customer feedback swiftly. For one, you should have people who are equipped and ready to handle complaints and questions — it’s also essential that you have processes for customers that contact you digitally, through channels like social media or a live chat on your website. Most customers expect that businesses have an online presence, that’s why many businesses now offer 24/7 live help through live chat software and respond to questions instantly via channels like Facebook and Twitter. Whatever procedures you put in place, you simply need to ensure that your employees are trained to handle complaints in a way that leaves your customers satisfied.

2. Collect Customer Feedback And Act On It


Your business should always be looking to improve its customer experience. However, sometimes offering what customers want is dependent on what kind of business you’re running and what kind of customers you attract.

As such, the best way to ensure that you’re satisfying your customers is to ask them for feedback.

Collecting feedback can be incredibly helpful for your business. It can help you identify your biggest problems and tackle them head-on. It can also help you find out how you can impress your customers even more. Make sure you act on the most common complaints and suggestions that customers make and fix them as soon as possible.

As for how to collect feedback, various options are available. Some businesses offer in-store feedback forms and suggestion boxes that customers can use. However, the easiest way is to collect feedback is by using online feedback forms. You can send these out to customers via email using customer feedback software, creating a knowledge base, or simply adding a contact page to your site. Each of these options also give you the ability to get a detailed analytical breakdown to further assist you in making business decisions.

3. Offer A More Satisfying Experience Than Competitors


If you want to attract and keep as many customers as possible, you’ll need to ensure that you stand out when compared to your competitors. If customers can get a better customer experience or better products from a competing business, then they’ll be much less likely to recommend or use your services.

This mean, you’ll always want to be aware of what your competitors are offering so you can go one step further. For instance, if other businesses close early, you might offer extended hours. If your competitors are impressing customers with their quick online delivery, make sure yours is faster. Strive to make your buying process easier on the customer, more convenient, make it better fit their lifestyle. Stay on top of trends and make sure that your business offers something different from you competitors — listen to the market and do things that make your customers life easier. That way, your customers will stay loyal to your business, while picking up new customers who are dissatisfied with your competitors.

4. Reward Your Customers


Customers like to feel rewarded. Not only does it make them feel like their purchase was worthwhile, but it also makes them more likely to make repeat purchases. As such, your business can go a lot further simply by finding ways to regularly reward your customers.

One common way of doing this is by offering sales promotions for loyal customers. You can usually do this using email marketing campaigns by sending out discount codes to consumers who have recently made a purchase with your business. You could also create a customer loyalty program, there is a lot of great loyalty software programs that will easily integrate with tools you’re already using (like eCommerce platforms, point-of-sale systems, and more). It’s an excellent way to drum up more sales while simultaneously impressing your customers. Giving your customers points for each purchase they make with you and allowing them to trade in points for rewards is an excellent way to impress them. It’s also one of the best ways to improve your customer retention rate.

5. Ensure That Your Customer Service Is Top Notch


When it comes down to it, the most important part of impressing your customers is ensuring that they have a stellar experience every time they do business with you. Whether you’re running a store, a service, or an online business, make sure that you offer consistent high-quality service to all your customers and clients.

Every business claims to have the best customer service, but the proof is in the pudding — you have to actively work on maintaining great service. Training your employees to treat customers well is a big part of this. You’ll want to ensure that your employees are friendly, welcoming, and able to handle questions, suggestions, concerns, and complaints with empathy. Try to narrow the divide between customer and employee, make sure to look at everything from the customer’s point-of-view.

When it comes to online businesses, you’ll want to make sure that your website is easy to navigate.  Don’t cut corners when it comes to your online properties, it’s best to hire a professional to build a fast, clean, and efficient website for you. Make sure that your messaging is geared towards your customers and doesn’t just focus on your business — research shows that companies using customer-centric messages are 60% more profitable than companies that craft their message around themselves.

Keep these 5-tips in mind if you want to make a lasting impression on your customers.

Your customers are more likely to buy from you if they feel like you care about them, and that’s what these five tips are all about. Responding immediately when your customer is looking for assistance is a great way of showing how responsive and attentive you can be. Collect feedback so you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie in terms of product quality, service delivery or other areas of business success. Be better than the competition by giving an experience that blows their minds! Reward loyalty with perks, free shipping, discounts on future purchases, early access to new products, or good old fashioned appreciation via handwritten card sent out periodically. Lastly but most importantly—give outstanding customer service at all times!

If you need help implementing any of these tips, give us a call today! We’ll do our best to help you impress your customers (and hopefully impress you in the process!).


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