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How to Create a Company Blog (And Why You Need One)

by | Apr 2, 2020

What if there was a secret weapon to leads and conversion and you could start using it today?

Good news! There is one: your blog.

A company blog is one of the greatest ways to situate your business as a thought leader in your niche while telling the world about your products and services. Unfortunately, many companies don’t know why they need a blog or even how to get it started.

With this simple guide, you can become a corporate blogger today!

Why Start A Company Blog?

We’ve put together this quick guide to help you launch your own blog. First, though, it’s important to understand why you should have a blog and what kind of benefits it provides.

To begin, a blog helps you compete with other businesses. Through a blog you can offer something to current and potential customers that your competitors probably aren’t, including helpful tips and other information you can make easy to access.

A blog can also help you generate leads. Is there a question that potential customers often have for you? Write a blog post about it! You don’t have to give away everything about your business, but sometimes even a short post with some helpful information can be the difference between choosing your business vs another.

Blogs also help you learn about your audience through things like analytics or user comments. What posts get the most traffic? Can you improve the post? Write an update for it? Can you link to some of your other blog posts from it or another page on your website? Even better, make a complementary post to drive further traffic!

Your blog can also be used as another communication tool between you and your customers. Not all communication is appropriate for social media because sometimes you’ll need more space than a status update or an Instagram post allows, and your blog is the best place to put that.

Finally, a blog is a “must-have” if you want really good SEO. If you truly want customers to find you, it’s almost impossible without a blog.

Choose A Platform

The first step sounds easy, but it’s also really important: you need to choose the right platform for your blog.

Most companies end up self-hosting their blog because it lets you take advantage of your existing domain name and existing web host. However, you’ll still need a good platform for making blog posts look very engaging and easily readable.

This is one of the reasons that WordPress is so popular. You can use WP to easily create content, all while taking advantage of things like built-in themes.

Theme And Design

If you’ve never blogged before, here’s some good news: you don’t need to learn HTML coding overnight. Instead, you can take advantage of the themes and templates built into WordPress and other platforms.

The theme helps determine the “vibe” for your entire blog. You can use themes that are image-intensive or themes that promote quick navigation. It all comes down to what your users will respond to.

Keep in mind that most site visitors are going to be using their mobile phones. That means you should use themes and create content that is quick and easy to scan and that everything is easy to find on a much smaller screen.

Write And Promote Content

With everything else in place, there are only two steps left. You need to write good content and then promote it across other channels (such as social media).

Now, content should be evergreen and relevant to user needs. Don’t just stuff SEO keywords in there and hope for the best. Instead, think about your audience’s needs and desires and create content that helps provide for them.

Trust us: relevant content is a great way to build engagement and loyalty!

Digital Marketing Moves

Now you know how to get started with a company blog, but do you know who can take your blog and other digital marketing efforts into a new dimension of quality?

We specialize in all things marketing. From design to content creation to brand-building, we are here to service the needs of your company.

To see how we can help build a better future for your business, request a quote today!

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