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Website Experience Mistakes That Hurt Your Brand

by | Feb 10, 2023

With many businesses looking to increase their customer growth rate, they must evaluate strategies that can help maintain customer satisfaction. Building a consistent, solid website experience can be valuable for this endeavor because it boosts brand reputation. There aren’t many solutions that universally fit every business, but understanding a few website design mistakes can help you keep your momentum. Here are several website design mistakes to take note of to maximize your brand reputation.


Ignoring a Functional Mobile Experience

One area that can frustrate customers early on is when they experience difficulties using a website on their phones. Think of the average person who is trying to place an order from a restaurant using their phone. If there are problems that prevent them from making the order, then they will simply go somewhere else. A large majority of online web traffic comes through mobile devices, and this is a long-term trend that will only accelerate in the coming years. Building a mobile-driven website can create a positive user experience, and that can feed into improving your reputation online as well.



Ignoring Technical Issues and Inconsistencies

A website’s competitiveness not only includes the visual elements and marketing language but also simply being clean and free of errors that can affect performance. There are many ways technical issues can undermine a website, which can be difficult to spot on an initial test browse. This is why it is important to get your website connected to apps such as Google search console, page speed insights, and mobile-friendly tests to mark out any issues that are reported. When you have a team that is on top of these issues and provide a website experience that elevates your brand reputation, you can stay ahead of other competitors in your industry.


Lack of Trust and Communication

Some of the most important elements of brand reputation include building trust. This also means maintaining a consistent line of communication with customers so you can be as transparent as possible. It is important for customers to know how their data is being used and whether there are any problems with the product or service they should know about. Providing a support line and contact details they can reach out to is a key way of demonstrating transparency as a business. In addition, customers will appreciate knowing how much a purchase will cost in every detail. Try to make your purchase process transparent regarding prices. This means labeling any additional costs such as shipping, taxes, and service fees in advance.


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Not Personalizing Every Customer Service Experience

Many customers are prioritizing a detailed level of service that ensures their needs are being met. When it comes to the website experience, it can be valuable for your business to deliver a presentation that reaches out to the unique needs and solutions that customers are looking for. Start with making your website accessible – this includes having features that cater to customers with disabilities. Many website platforms offer add-ons that help present information visually to individuals with hard-of-hearing or visual difficulties. Other features such as a chatbox, search function, and AI-based messaging can help further personalize the experience for customers.

As you strategize on enhancing your customer growth model for the year ahead, it can be valuable to consider the benefits of a positive brand reputation. These are all elevated by providing an online experience that is simple, accessible, and consistent for all potential customers. By outlining the ideas above with your team and incorporating them into your strategy, you can take significant steps towards elevating your brand reputation. As you work on refining your growth strategy, have these website design tips integrated as well.

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