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Technology-Based Marketing: Top 4 Common Mistakes

by | Jan 5, 2021

Everyone is online these days. 4 billion people own a smartphone and 1.7 billion people have social media accounts. Marketers understand today’s push towards technology, which makes marketing technology one of their biggest assets.

So, does that mean all marketers need to do is invest in marketing automation, a powerful CRM, and call it a day? Probably not… there are many marketing technology mistakes that can result in lost marketing dollars invested in the wrong platforms, and doing your homework is critical. But, what if you’re investing in the right technology but you still aren’t seeing results? If that’s the case, you may be making one of these 4 technology-based marketing mistakes.

Continue reading to learn how to improve your technology marketing strategy.

1. You’re Not Reaching Your Audience

Even with all of the right tools in place, your strategy needs the basic audience research to ensure your efforts are reaching the right people. No matter how much effort you put into your marketing campaign, your efforts will fail if you don’t reach your audience.

How do you know you’re not reaching your target audience? Pay attention to metrics such as response rate, lead conversions, and website traffic. This ensures your efforts are attracting the right people and they’re showing interest.

2. Not Being in the Right Place

Location, location, location. This concept is as important to marketing as it is to other areas of business. As a marketer, you have to be where your audience is. If not, then you could miss out on many opportunities.

This is especially important with social media marketing. There are many social media tools, such as automation, that make social media promotion easier and quicker. But all social media campaigns need the basics, such as knowing which social platforms to post on.

For example, if your audience migrates toward Facebook, invest in Facebook advertising over other social media platforms.

3. Not Conveying the Right Message

Content is still king, even in technology-based marketing. Your message still matters. If your message is weak or you’re not conveying yourself well, you may not grab your audience’s attention.

Fortunately, content and technology go hand-in-hand. You can automate your content creation process, use a powerful CMS platform such as WordPress, and you can use other forms of media such as video to convey your message.

4. Not Expressing a Great Product

What you’re promoting and how you promote it truly matters. If you don’t effectively express your products or anything else you’re offering, you won’t convert your audience.

How can you use technology to draw more interest? Warm leads with inbound marketing. For example, market a free demo rather than the product itself. Use testing such as A/B testing to craft the right message.

Do You Need Help With Your Technology-Based Marketing?

There may come a time when you’ll need help with your technology-based marketing. If your marketing strategy is failing, you may need professional assistance.

This is where we can come in. We offer digital marketing as well as branding and website creation. Get your quote today.

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