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Technology-Based Marketing: Everything You Need To Know for Your Business

by | Dec 15, 2020

Today, more marketers are relying on technology. So much so that the MarTech market is predicted to be worth $25 billion.

What do you know about technology-based marketing? Technology improves many of the tasks that marketers need to complete. Automation is a perfect example. Different marketing tools and platforms automate tasks such as social media and email marketing.

Marketing technology continues to innovate and improve every year. It’s essential that businesses and marketers keep up with current trends.

There are marketing tools that fit just about every marketing function. Here’s a breakdown of the latest marketing technology for each tactic and how they can benefit your business.


There are multiple PPC tools that can be used to automate certain functions and target the right audience.

If you already have a PPC campaign via Google Ads, you’re likely already familiar with PPC technology. Google Ads uses automated features that make advertising easier. These features include smart campaigns, smart shopping campaigns, automated bidding, and Dynamic Search Ads.

You can also optimize your efforts with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Machine learning can compare your past PPC efforts to the competitive landscape. This way, you can make better decisions for future PPC campaigns.

AI can provide the answer to certain questions, such as how a specific keyword can impact your campaign. This will improve your spending efficiency and your ROI.


Technology is the core of any successful SEO campaign.

Experts use a variety of technology, such as keyword tools, website traffic analytics, and competitor research. This also includes specific SEO tasks, such as content creation. Content creation software ensures your content has SEO value and targets your audience.

A popular (and free) tool that SEO specialists and content creators use is Google Analytics. Website owners can find valuable demographics about their audience as well as other trends in your market. Google Analytics uses advanced machine learning modules to collect data, ensuring accuracy.

Email Marketing

Email marketers use different automation platforms to deliver promotional emails to their subscribers. Email marketers may also use the same content creation tools to create concise and engaging content that will convert leads.

Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) such as WordPress hosts your website and blogs. A CMS is a powerful marketing technology tool for many reasons. Most CMS platforms can integrate with different marketing tools. This improves your marketing results as well as your website efficiency.

The technology you integrate with your CMS depends on your business.

E-commerce businesses optimize customer relationship management (CRM) tools. These collect and store customer data. This way, marketers can use content and ads to better target their audience. Blogs may benefit from content creation and SEO integrations, website traffic plugins, and audience reporting.

From Content Marketing to PPC: Use Technology-Based Marketing

Technology-based marketing is no longer an option. While anyone can use these platforms, you’ll still get the best results from a human who’s a marketing expert.

Do you need technology marketing help? Or do you need assistance with your digital marketing efforts? Contact us today for a quote.

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