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Filtering WooCommerce By SKU

by | Jun 5, 2016

I’m a huge WooCommerce fan!

I love it, I love to use it, I love to talk about it, and I love to introduce people to it, but…

love filtering woocommerce by sku
…there’s always a “but”…

I just don’t understand why it doesn’t allow users to filter orders by the SKU.  I mean, this just seems like a huge oversight, and it’s something that clients ask me about this all the time.

Client: “Hi Bob it’s me, Client!”
Me: “Oh hi there! It’s great to hear from you Client, how are you?”
Client: “Doing well thanks! So, yeah, I love the new site and it’s really easy to use, but…”

…there’s that “but” again…

Client: “how do I filter my orders based on the SKU?”

Damn it! There it is, the bane of my existence, the Achilles heel of WooCommerce, and there is nothing I hate more than having to tell a client that filtering orders by SKU isn’t just baked into this great platform when it just seems like such a logical feature.

So we here at Clockwork we decided that it was time for me to stop complaining about the problem and to just fix it once and for all—so we developed ourselves another custom built plugin.

filtering woocommerce by sku

We built a plugin that does one thing and it does that one thing really well—it filters by WooCommece orders by SKU! Now our clients are free to easily filter their orders as they see fit, and a terrible burden has been lifted off my shoulders! 🙂

What a wonderful day!

Give us a shout if this lack of functionality bothers you as well, we can help!

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