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Launch: Selfie Signs

by | Oct 14, 2018

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Selfie Signs new website!

Selfie Signs is a promotional website for an exciting new product called Foam3D, offered by Britten, Inc.

Check it our here!

Britten has developed a new foam carving technology that uses 3D laser scanning, next-generation foam routing, and automated hot wire cutting to create almost anything you can imagine out of high-grade foam.  Marketers, event agencies, and businesses can submit their your ideas, drawings, photos, or digital files and Britten will create foam replicas of any size with amazing detail.

Needless to say this is perfect for creating a buzz at locations and events. The public can interact with, pose, and share images of brand specific imagery — it’s fun for the attendees and a viral marketing opportunity for the business!

This website has several notable features:

  • The website is a one-page “endless scroll” experience, telling the story of Selfie Signs as the user scrolls
  • The off-page navigation slides in a provides links to content within the page
  • The site features subtly animated and large background images, showing the Selfie Signs products in use
  • The site features an interactive vertical pagination with hover-over call-outs making for an amazing UX

Congratulations to Selfie Signs and Britten Foam3D on the new website and thank you for choosing Clockwork as your partner for this project!

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