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Website Launch: The Veriground Project

by | Nov 16, 2021

We are excited to announce the launch of Veriground’s website! Veriground is a project powered by Commodities Risk Analysis, LC with a mission to extend help to all cocoa farmers to improve their yields and raise their incomes at no cost to them. Veriground can do this by filling voids that handicap farmers with sparse weather data, fragmented husbandry knowledge, outdated communication, and ineffective forecasts. They are able to fill these voids through a network of weather sensors that offer microclimate information in remote areas of Africa.

For this project, we partnered with Fierce Strategy + Creative a North American agency comprised of a global collective of experts focused on a highly strategic, customized approach to branding. When they told us that Veriground needed a custom website built fast, we were overjoyed to help and take part in their mission! You can check out their site and more here.

We included many amazing features on their new site:

  • A custom map of all of their station locations from West Africa and beyond – this map can easily be updated and edited as new stations come online
  • Animated and attention-grabbing design elements
  • Interactive and engaging design created by Fierce Strategy + Creative
  • Streamlined layout that puts their mission at the forefront and creates an easy-to-navigate user experience
  • Embedded video and presentation elements

Congrats Veriground on your new site – we are so excited to see where it will take you! And thank you for allowing Freshwater to take part in your project! Do you want your own custom designed and developed website? Contact us today to get started.

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