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3 Content Creation Tips for Email Marketing

by | Feb 2, 2021

Email marketing can be a fantastic way to connect with your customer base. You can speak directly to them, unlike with social media marketing or traditional advertising. You have an opportunity to let them know about sales, events, new products, and more.

But writing an email your readers will want to open and act on can seem tricky, to say the least.

Read on to discover some content creation tips that will help you write a killer email.

Focus on Your Subject Line

When you’re trying to draw readers into an email, your subject line is the first tool you have to grab their attention. This will tell your reader whether they want to open your email at all or if it goes straight into the trash bin.

In other words, your subject line can make or break your email’s success.

Make sure your subject line is direct, interesting, and to the point. It should let your readers know what they can expect from your email and make them intrigued to see more.

It’s also absolutely imperative that your subject line not contain any typos – mistakes this early in the email will destroy your credibility with your audience.

Write a Strong Hook

Once your readers get past your subject line, the next thing they’re going to see is the preview text on your email. This text will give them a sneak peek of what they’ll find in the email they’re about to open. This is your opportunity to hook your readers and make them interested enough to open your email and keep reading.

Write preview text that gives a teaser into what the email that follows will be like. This should contain a preview of the content to follow, but it’s a good idea not to give away the farm in this preview.

Pick the most interesting or valuable piece of your email and mention it in this preview text to draw readers in.

Keep Things Brief

If your subject line and preview text do their job, you’ll get a reader to open your email. But even then, you only have their attention for a brief amount of time, and you need to make the most of it.

If a reader sees a wall of text staring back at them, they’re just as likely to click back out of that email without ever reading it.

Keep your email brief and to the point, and avoid long paragraphs that can be difficult to read. Use short sentences, avoid lengthy stories or descriptions, and keep everything focused on your email’s primary goal. You can always link readers back to your website, where you can post longer blogs and product descriptions.

Discover More Content Creation Tips

When you’re writing an email, the key to success is to keep things short, sweet, and interesting. Make sure you focus first on your headline and then crafting a fantastic hook for your preview text.

Keep your email body short and interesting and use it to drive people back to your website, where you will have a little more room to expand.

If you’d like to discover more content creation tips, check out the rest of our site at Freshwater. We provide marketing solutions that help you to grow your business and increase sales.

Get a quote from us today and start creating new opportunities for yourself and your business.

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