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April Fools 2016

by | Apr 1, 2016

The internet is a place for serious business. People use it to hold boring business meetings, give Amazon their credit card number, connect with other professionals on LinkedIn and…well, honestly, nobody is really sure why they use LinkedIn.

Anyways. Sometimes you need a break from the serious side of the internet and April 1st, 2016 is another great entry in the long list of online April Fools celebrations. There are far too many pranks to share but we’ve selected a few of our favorites to share!

Google Photos: Emoji Search

Google’s free, unlimited photo backup service now has always allowed you to search by people, places or things. Now, you can search by emoji. Why type “turtle” when you can just use ?.

Google Australia: Sock Search

For anyone who’s ever lost a sock (or two, or three) Google Australia has come up with a modern solution.

april fools 2016 google sock search

Google Netherlands: Self-Driving Bikes

They’ve worked on the self-driving car, now they have the self-driving bike.

Sony: Proton Pack

It’s here! Time to go bust some ghosts with Sony’s new Proton Pack (slime resistant).

Burger King (France): Single Fries

You don’t have to speak French to understand this great concept.

U.S. Forest Service: Rare Bigfoot sighting in New York City

US Forest does it right by not only creating the “Mythical Wildlife Divison” but also linking out to their animal cams and teaching us about deforestation without us knowing it.

april fools 2016 national forrests and grasslands

Duolingo: Pillow

All we can say about this new product from free language learning site Duolingo is, “¡Si, funciona!”


Expedia: Ginge-Air

A new partner for Expedia that caters exclusively to you guessed it… Gingers.

Esurance: “Election Insurance”

Preparing to leave depending on the outcome of the Election in November? Esurance can help!

april fools 2016 esurance

Open Table: “Tasting is Believing”

Try out a new restaurant before you visit with this great new (but kind of gross to watch) technology.

Netflix: “John Stamos”

If there is something Netflix believes the world needs, it’s more John Stamos. We agree.


Quilted Northern: Artisanal Toilet Paper

If you can watch this video without squirming in your chair, congratulations.

Razer: Breadwinner

Gaming hardware company Razer is finally giving gamers what they really need with “the world’s first gaming grade kitchen appliance built for gamers, by gamers”: a gaming-grade toaster!

april fools 2016 razr toaster


Snoop in a bowtie cannot be missed.

april fools 2016 youtube

Spotify: Rick-Rolling New Music Friday

Damn you, Spotify. Rick Rolling New Music Friday…. That’s just evil.



ThinkGeek always goes above and beyond with several fake items and this year is no different! Travel-sized Magic cards, vertical-landing Coke and Mentos…even a Plumbus! Our favorite? The Useless Light Switch.  Love the idea?  Check out their useless box.



The popular airline decided this was a great day to roll out their updated logo. Click through to see other candidates.

Smokey The Bear: Skinny Jeans

Smokey + Skinny Jeans + Fleek = Win.

H&M: Mark for H&M

They say decision fatigue is real, this might be a great idea!


National Geographic: Naked Animals

The media group say that it will no longer degrade animals by showing photos of them without clothes.

Naked Animals - National Geographic April Fools

(NSFW) PornHub: “CornHub”

We will not be linking to this one. If you’re curious you’ll need to get off your work network and open your own incognito window to check this one out. PornHub has turned their site into CornHub where you can check out all manner of corny puns.


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