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(Video) Easy Tips To Improve Your Website: Week 2

by | Apr 7, 2020

A week ago we began outlining easy changes that you can make to start driving more leads, increasing sales, and growing business via your website! Each of these recommendations is easy to implement and will help you increase sales while reducing lost opportunities.

ICYMI last week we covered how adding a tagline to your website can result in big wins for your brand. It’s a quick read, so make sure to go back and check it out.

And with that, let’s talk about this week’s tip.

Adding a Path To Success

Buyers like to know what to expect before making a purchase from an online store, subscribing to a service, or hiring a consultant. Clearly explaining your sales process and demonstrating the success that buyers will experience after purchasing can greatly reduce the purchase anxiety of your visitors. Reducing the fear of the unknown and showing buyers how simple and rewarding purchasing can be can greatly increase your sales. Creating a path to success is easy:

  • Think about what it takes to do business with you.
  • Determine how your product or service most benefits your customer.
  • Create 3 or 4 simple steps that your customer can take to reap the benefits of your services.

Make sure the last step clearly outlines the rewards of using your product or service. Once you’ve created your path to success, add it to the homepage of your website and any other page that’s applicable, like your product or service pages. If possible, add imagery that reinforces the feeling of ease and reward that buyers experience — think happy customers. As you can see in the image above, Stitch Fix has created a great path to success on their website. They articulate it in a beautiful way, but their path easy boils down to this: Step 1: Pick a style and budget. Step 2: Receive your clothes and try them on. Step 3: Keep what you like and return the rest. They do an excellent job of clearly defining each step in their buying process, they demonstrate the value and ease in subscribing to their service, and they assuage any feelings of risk that the buyer might be feeling.

Don’t Wait:

Go to your website and add 3-4 easy steps that customers can take to reap the rewards of your product or service.

Wanna take an extra step?

Now that you’ve added a path to success for your customers,  maybe we can takes some steps to help you drive more business for your company. To see how we can put you on a path to online success, request a quote today!

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