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5 Essential Tips for Content Marketing Strategy

by | May 1, 2020

We all have the ability to make great content.

The trouble is that it’s hard to get ideas onto the screen. Even more so, you can get ideas down but the content doesn’t resonate the way you intended.

You need something to add oomph to your content marketing efforts.

You’re in luck — these content marketing tips amplify your creativity and impact.

1. Think Big (Topic Clusters)

Big, long-form pieces are quite effective in obtaining high page ranks because:

  • They inject a ton of keywords
  • They cover a broad set of subjects
  • They feel valued because of their “weight”

The idea is to think of the top-level content. This is the big keyword/topic. Then, you craft content throughout the big piece using topic clusters. Another way to see it is an “ultimate guide” covering as much as you can about a given subject.

Create a few of these in your niche and they become great, linkable resources!

2. Make It Easy to Skim

People skim when devouring content.

It makes sense — we’re all very busy. We want the good stuff.

What do you do to make it easy to skim?

  • Written: Lots of headers, shorter paragraphs, and text formatting
  • Video: Timestamps, title cards, visual hierarchy
  • Audio: Timestamps, transcription, snippets

Try to use more visuals or gaps in the content, too, if it’s lengthy. The visuals/gaps break up the flow and give users a chance to pause.

3. Repurpose Content

Think of content as an asset.

You made something great — now share and reuse it until it’s stale.

  • Rework a blog post into a video using it as a script
  • Cut snippets and key points and make image quotes
  • Record a read through and use that as an audio-version
  • Condense data and turn it into graphs and diagrams
  • Collect a ton of work and morph it into an ebook

There are a lot of ways to 10X content marketing once you realize it’s not set in stone. Let it evolve by repurposing it. Let the community remix it, too!

4. Try Different Formats

Different content types scratch the itch of different user types.

There are plenty of formats to explore:

  • Lists
  • Reviews
  • Guides
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

The secret of engaging content is that it mirrors what a user wants.

Smart tip:

  1. Search Google for the topic you want to create
  2. Take note of the top 10 pages and the common content type
  3. Either replicate the type or do a 180 to differentiate

A common theme with content types means most users likely prefer that type. Go with the grain on this one but just make sure your content is better. Otherwise, try something different so it’s not another ‘list’ or ‘guide’ showing in results.

5. Include Calls to Action

Not every piece of content needs a purpose…

…but you should try to have purposeful content if you’re using it for marketing.

Calls-to-action (CTA) get users taking action. You’re directing them to something.

What can the CTA be? Try:

  • Interlinking to more resources
  • Sign-ups to your newsletter
  • Inquiries for your services
  • Adding items to the cart

Figure out what you want the content to do and match a CTA to it. Plunk the CTA up top, in the middle, down below, and wherever it makes sense.

Combining Content Marketing Tips with Digital Marketing Success

The content marketing tips outlined in this post will help you craft great pieces. The quality, alone, will help it reach communities. Yet, sometimes it needs a nudge — a boost from digital marketing.

Look no further than Freshwater Agency if you need a marketing partner.

Our tech-based marketing solutions are a perfect pairing for your content efforts. We’ll use our extensive knowledge and skills to amplify your content’s reach and effectiveness.

Ready to grow your business with content in ways you never imagined?

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