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Easy Tips To Improve Your Website (Series): Week 4

by | Apr 21, 2020

We’re now four weeks deep into our 8-week series on easy changes that you can make to your website to start driving more leads, increasing your sales, and growing your business! Each of these tips should be easy to implement and help you improve your website’s performance and minimize lost opportunities.

Before diving into today’s post, you should check out the first three tips in the series:

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Are you all caught-up?  Then let’s get started!

Add Contact Forms

Much like a CTA button, a website contact form is one of the best ways to interact with prospective customers and establish a relationship.

Well-placed contact forms are the perfect way for your customers to interact with your brand it – gives them the opportunity to ask questions, request information, or request a quote.

Contact forms are especially important for consultative businesses or companies that sell complex products or services. Users will often visit your website outside your hours of operation, when they might not have the opportunity to reach out to your company for support.

Contact forms give potential customers the opportunity to ask their question, schedule an appointment, or request a quote while actively engaged with your content. Without the form, you just have to hope that they return later… which we all know is a bit of a crapshoot.

If you don’t have one already, you should (at a minimum) add a contact page containing a form to your website. You should also consider adding a contact form to your website’s footer, the bottom of your blog posts, and (or) somewhere on your about page—it’s a great way to increase engagement and sales.

As an added benefit, contact forms are a great way to grow your subscriber list. No matter what your business type, having an email list to market to can be crucial in helping you grow sales. You’ve probably seen this while filling out a form to contact a company and right before you hit the submit button there’s a check box that states, “Subscribe to our email newsletter.” It’s a perfect and non-intrusive way to grow your subscriptions.

Don’t delay: Add some contact forms to your website and increase customer engagement today!

Make First Contact

Are you just too busy to focus on your own website?

We totally get it, and we’re ready to help! Our team of website optimization experts are standing by to make those improvements that you just don have the time to do yourself! Fill out our contact form to request a quote today!

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