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(Video) Easy Tips To Improve Your Website: Week 8

by | May 19, 2020

Today is the last installment of our 8-week journey highlighting easy tips to improve your website.

For almost two months, we’ve been dishing about ways you can make your customers feel more confident in your product or service (which in turn should help you increase your sales).

So far, we’ve covered topics like:

Customer Steps to Success
Contact Forms
Contact Information
Live Chat

Which brings us to the final tip of the series.

Adding an about page to your website

The about page is often one of the most trafficked and important pages on any website.

That’s because of all the pages on your website, the about page allows customers to get a feel for with whom they might be doing business.

Here’s the catch:

Although the customer clicked on your company’s “about” page, it’s important not to make that page just about you or your company.

Yep, we know that sounds weird but hear us out…

It’s more important to let your customers know that you’re in business to help THEM, that you’re passionate about helping them, and that they matter to your business.

So, that means your “about” page should be more about them than it is about you.

If you include things like employee biographies on your about page, make sure that they indicate why each featured team member loves working in the industry, why helping customers is important to them, and so on — get it?

Although the complete account of company’s history might be super interesting to the right person, under the right circumstances – most people probably don’t care (sorry).

Your about page should reinforce how your company solves its customers problems or how your awesome product has been fulfilling your customers wildest dreams.

It’s usually not too complicated to create an about page that speaks about your company values and why your business is so passionate to help your clients succeed. Mostly because that’s why you started your company in the first place — you had an awesome idea that you knew people would love.  Just write about that. 🙂

So, get to it already!

Add an about page to your website that reinforces why your customers are important to your brand.

In closing…

By implementing the 8-tips that we’ve discussed over the last two months, you’ll make your customers feel more confident in your product or service, increase sales, grow your business, and stop losing to the competition.

We’ve worked with a whole bunch of businesses, non-profits, and organizations to help grow their business using technology-based marketing processes that create new opportunities, and increase sales.

These are the 8 suggestions that we most often make to them regarding their websites.

If you’re interested in learning about more ways to grow your business using technology-based marketing, or need help implementing any of the changes described in this series, contact us give us a call at 231.252.3588

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