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Easy Tips To Improve Your Website (Series): Week 7

by | May 12, 2020

Over the past 6-weeks we’ve been discussing simple tips that can make a positive impact on your company’s website. Each tip is easy to implement, and designed to help you increase your website’s performance and minimize any lost opportunities.

So far, we’ve discussed:

Week 1: Adding A Tagline
Week 2: Adding A Path To Success
Week 3: Adding A Call-To-Action
Week 4: Adding Contact Forms
Week 5: Adding Contact Information
Week 6: Adding Testimonials

Before we get into our 7th installment, we recommend you check out all the other posts in the series. They are all super quick and easy to read.

With this week’s tip, we’re going to start to putting the icing on the cake!

Add Live Chat

Live chat is not only an awesome way to generate more sales, but it’s also a great channel for handling customer support and answering any questions that might arise as visitors browse your offerings.

In today’s world, it’s all about texting, DMs, and messaging. For many people, it’s a chore to speak on the telephone. For others, speaking to representatives or salespeople is an anxiety-inducing ordeal that they would much rather avoid. As a result, there is a large and increasing population of users that are much more likely to use on-site chat services rather than calling your business or submitting a contact form. What’s more, there’s a large population of users that simply won’t engage unless you have live chat.

In fact, visitors that engage with your company via live chat are worth 4.5 times more than visitors that don’t.

Live Chat software allows you to not only capture more customer engagement , but it can also speed up the buying process by answering product or service questions instantly. It is also a fast and efficient way to provide technical support to existing customers.

It also allows you to engage with customers in an automated way. Most software allows you to automatically greet customers when they meet certain criteria, for instance, if they’ve been on a product page for a set amount of time, or even better if they’ve been sitting on cart page (possibly contemplating a purchase). It’s like offering a personal assistant to your website visitors, one that helps them make purchasing decisions and answers questions along the way.

Live chat software is generally simple to set-up — if you have a WordPress website you could have a live chat system up and running in as little as 5-minutes.

Best of all…

Live chat is affordable, or even free!

Services like Tawk.To offer free and feature-rich live chat services that can be set-up without any coding experience.

So what are you waiting for?

Add Live Chat software to your website and start increasing your customer interactions today.

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